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Welcome to the new women’s ministries blog!

You may remember from the last paper copy of By The Way, you were holding a little bit of history as it was the last time it would be in print form. 
While we don’t want to be redundant, we wish to communicate with you that while we are sad to give up the print version, we believe that the blog will be more economical and sustainable for the future. 
We imagine you sitting across from your discipilee over a cup of tea in a cozy living room, chatting about a concern. “There was an article about that on By The Way,” you say. And as you talk you pull it up on your tablet right then and there and are able to share gospel-centered wisdom with your young friend most likely written by a women she knows at our church. 
Not only that, but a blog brings access to those who would not otherwise be able to read By The Way regularly: college students, those who have moved away from Central Illinois, BFC missionaries, and the like.  
Still, we want to be sensitive to the fact not every one is a savvy us…