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Discipleship as Friendship

By  Jody Sauder “Rosaria was a tenured professor at Syracuse University, until God used her desire to write a book on the religious right, and the friendship of a biblically orthodox pastor, to draw her to Christ.” I absolutely love this God-glorifying story! It is a real life example and testimony of Discipleship as Friendship. A faithful pastor and his wife invited Ms. Butterfield to their home for a meal. They engaged in life-on-life conversation and truly cared for Rosaria. They cared for her in simple ways, things like taking her bread when they hadn’t heard from her in awhile, asking questions about her life and simply sharing their life with her. God ultimately used the practice of Christian hospitality, turned discipleship, turned friendship to draw Ms. Butterfield to Himself. ( .)   It’s easy to want to dive into the methods of how we should disciple versus backing up and thinking about what discipleship means and what it i

God’s Healing Miracle

By Erika Childs   Two years ago, I panicked in fear of my body not healing from a case of allergies. Day one started September 21, 2013. I rested over the weekend, praying that the over-the-counter medicine would work. Nothing too surprising after suffering 33 years with sinus infections. I easily returned to work the following week, knowing full well my body needed more healing. Another 3 weeks it would be.  While teaching preschool, I prayed hard for God’s ultimate strength to devote my time at work (sick days were gone). About mid-October I saw a doctor and was prescribed medicine. I’d much rather take over-the-counter medicine, but my body needed stronger attention. I seemed to be living the eat-sleep-work regime and it took all energy to attend church on Sundays. I was thankful for internet and the technology to hear God’s word. I prayed for God’s healing so I could return to normal activity. The regime of working full-time and napping each evening, missing events every weeke