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CUTTING CORNERS | Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

Cutting Corners is an original feature of By The Way that presents practical ways to live out Proverbs 31:15-16, teaching us to lead sensible lives (Titus 2:3-5) as we seek to be good stewards of the resources God has given us. 

This article originally appeared in the May 2009 newsletter edition of By The Way.

By Elise Haroldson

More than three million tons of wasted food is being dumped every year by households - about one third of what is bought, government researchers have found. Break that down to individual households and you can see that approximately 30% of what we buy goes in the trash. If you look at your own annual budget for groceries, I think you’ll be amazed at what the grand total may be if this statistic is true of your family. Luckily, this is something that can be easily amended by simply following some tried-and- true shopping, storage, and usage tips. Once again, you’ll save yourself some green by going green, which is just another way to be good stewards of th…

The God Who Sees

By Janna Laugherty [source] After a year and half of living in the Arabian Peninsula, I have had my fair share of desert sandstorms. The air becomes hot, humid, and so heavy with dust that I now have a deep appreciation and understanding for the way God designed the eyelashes of camels, which allow them to see through the storm.  In a severe dust storm, the air is so thick the whole world seems to take on an amber glow. Other than the dirt (literally, it’s everywhere), the biggest problem is that it’s almost impossible to see. At best, visibility is a few miles, while at worst, just a few feet. Thankfully in the darkest storm, whether it involves sand and dust or not, our God can always see through it. We see this so clearly in the life of Hagar beginning in Genesis 16.  Hagar, a girl from Egypt, became Sarah’s servant. We know from Scripture that Sarah’s husband, Abraham, had accumulated much wealth over the years, therefore being a servant in his household came with honor. We also know …