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On Becoming a Titus 2 Woman

By Joy Unseth Do you have what it takes? Often when it comes to being a Titus 2 woman, we think the answer to that question is a resounding “No!” when a more careful look will reveal the answer is actually a confident “Yes!” The prerequisites to training younger women in the church as set out in Titus 2:3 are pretty straightforward: be reverent in behavior, not gossipers or slaves to wine, and teach what is good. With the power of the gospel in us, I think we can do that. I recently asked a couple of younger women at Bethany what they appreciated about the women who were discipling them, and what they thought were important attributes of a mentor. What they told me was very casual and off-the-cuff, and yet it matched remarkably with Paul’s description in Titus 2 of how older women in the church are to interact with and encourage the younger women in the church. [source] The Benefits of Wisdom and Experience The first quality these young women mentioned was that their

Building God's Kingdom, Not My Own

[source] By Kim Houck I have battled jealousy my whole life. The specifics vary depending on my circumstances. Comparison, jealousy’s twin sister, joins the battle of my thoughts. I look at another woman’s life and wish I was a little prettier, a little funnier, a little more outgoing, or made a little more money. When I succumb to these thoughts, I begin to feel territorial or fight internally against jealousy. Or else I sink into discouragement, wondering if God could ever use me. This battle has followed me right into dating and marriage. I am now prone to compare my husband or our marriage relationship with others. These deadly thoughts result in either criticism of my husband, discouragement in my marriage, or jealousy of other couples. I forget that jealousy and comparison are sins... sins that lead to death. When I get wrapped up in this tangled web, I forget that God’s Word specifically warns us about the destruction of these sins. In Genes