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Beautiful One

By Jessica Boerckel  I remember this reoccurring dream I had as a preteen. I was lying feverishly in a hospital bed, probably bald, and dying of some horrific disease (yet, I looked ravishing in spite of my shiny head and lack of days left). I would spend my final moments listening to all the beautiful eulogies people spoke of my nobility and grace, while my lumberjack-looking lover stood by my bedside, faithful to the end, completely absorbed in my beauty and goodness. I would like to say this dream is all over and never revisited, but man, does it sound good to be that magnetic and lovely. To my shame, I can still operate like this with God. I want Him to be attracted to my good deeds, my sacrifice and self-control. I want Him to applaud how I felt during the worship songs and to give me a shiny sticker for keeping my house fairly tidy. I want Him to be impressed with my compassion towards others and that hefty wad of cash I put in the plate. I want Him to save the most honorabl

Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung: A Book Review

“That’s the way God made us - finite and fragile. He made us to spend almost a third of our lives not doing anything except depending on him. Going to sleep is our way of saying, ‘I trust you, God. You’ll be okay without me.’” By Lana Douglas It’s not that busyness in and of itself is a sin; there are many seasons of life where busyness is exactly what God has called us to. But after analyzing my own life, I’d venture to say that the majority of our busyness is self-imposed. For those of you that are already starting to skim through the words on this page because you have a zillion other things to do, let me get to the bottom line. You are not too busy for this book. If you read one chapter per day, 10 days from now you would know what I know. If you stop reading here, I would want you to know one thing - God doesn’t ask us to run frantically to and fro to hold the seams of the universe together. That position has already been filled. (My sleep habits in Dec. ‘15,

An Excerpt from Strength for Today...

This article can be found in  Strength For Today, Hope for Tomorrow: Life after Infant Loss ,  a publication of Women Helping Women, Bethany Baptist Church's infant loss ministry.  By Amanda Wilton I have been pregnant three times. I have one child at home and one in the womb. This fact has taken me on quite the journey since January 2010. I’d like to share with you a bit of my experience, and what God has taught me through it. January marks the beginning. A new year. A fresh start. For me, it had always meant these things, until 2010. My husband, Dan, and I spent New Year’s Eve 2009 driving through a blizzard from Detroit to Peoria. We had a full moving truck, two golden retrievers, a baby in my belly and the promise that God would never leave us nor forsake us. After much prayer, we had made the decision to move, though it made very little sense to anyone including us. But, God’s ways often make little sense to our finite minds. As Abraham had been directed to go, “no