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Seasons of Life

By Kim Houck Singleness has played a significant role in my life and it is a stage of life that I value highly. This season in my life was hard in certain ways and wonderful in other ways. I am so thankful for the singles who faithfully serve the Lord at Bethany and I believe they are vital to the church. As I continue to have conversations with folks who are single and reflect on that season of my life, I hope to dispel some myths and share thoughts that are encouraging and helpful. Of course, I am not an expert, but I hope these insights will spur on all women in the church to love each other well even if they are in different life stages.  Myths about Singleness: Myth #1: There is a magical verse somewhere between Proverbs and Song of Songs that says God will bring you a husband when you are fully content. Interestingly, marriage is not treated as a reward for good behavior in Scripture. Marriage is highly valued and points to God’s unconditional love for us