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Reading Scripture: the Struggle is Real

[source] By Molly Schiller It’s no surprise that deep study of God’s word does not always come easy to us. This is certainly the case for me, and from conversations I’ve had with other women I know I’m not alone. In fact, I feel slightly out of place writing about the importance of studying Scripture when I have such difficulty with it.  I loved reading God’s Word when I first became a Christian, but at that time I rarely came close to “studying” Scripture. I would often read Scripture without regard to context, a verse here and a few verses there, looking for quick bursts of encouragement to illuminate life’s confusion. God might occasionally use the Bible to give me some answer or encouraging word, but I would often leave feeling more confused than when I began. The Bible was a book of answers to my problems, a roadmap about my life, revolving around my experience and my struggles. I thought that the Bible was essentially God’s word about me.  But God did not leave me in