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With Wills Bent

Photo & Words by Shelby Courtney
When I was a little girl someone gave me this beautiful white flower girl dress. It was covered in layers of lace and had a beautiful white flower crown with ribbons flowing down it to match. I genuinely loved the dress. I felt like a maiden transcending to a different time whenever I put it on. But I remember the time that dress made me feel so embarrassed. I was probably the age of five and a teenage girl was over babysitting me. She wanted to play dress up and so I put on my favorite white dress. She told me I looked so pretty and then started singing “Here Comes the Bride.” I was mortified. I didn’t want to be a bride. I had already taken a vow of eternal singleness because boys always made me feel stupid and so pretending to be a bride was never something I participated in. I was always adamant I would never marry; at least, I was until I was informed by my mother that I couldn’t have children unless I was married, which was crushing news to my l…