Behold the Song of Christmas

Zephaniah 3:17
The Lord Your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.

Behold the Song of Christmas
By Sandy Miller
Christmas is a love song
whose lyrics are seldom heard
except by angels and the few
who have internalized its words.
Many try to sing the song,
and its melody they amplify,
but in their raw and misplaced praise
they ignore Salvation’s eternal cry.
So sing, O barren earth,
but sing the only true, unchanging song
composed with drops of sacred blood
and discover that life belongs
to the Singer and His song.
Christmas is a song of peace
that sages and skeptics often debate.
And as they wonder at God’s Wonder,
the watching masses hesitate
to understand without reason
what cannot be understood.
They must simply risk and sing the song
and in their singing find what’s good…
the Singer and His song.
Christmas is a song of hope
that has been radically redefined
with unpredictable rhythms
and mystifying rhymes.
Before the world was birthed in splendor,
a symphonic grace note, fashioned with awe,
was held in tension by heaven’s Composer
until He cradled it in an earthen bed of straw…
there Behold the Singer and His song!
Christmas is a song of joy
sung among shards of broken lives
who walk the earth in endless search
for meaningful ways to survive.
But if restless wanderers pause to hear the music
from the Singer’s solo voice,
they may find their way into His song
since over them He delights to rejoice.
Christmas is a song of amazement,
Mercy’s never-ending refrain to save
the Composer’s original score, once perfect,
that became dissonant, rejected, and staid.
But the music of salvation continued
wherein the Singer made known His decree
that mankind would break forth in wondrous praise…
singing His song in God’s promised realm…eternally.
So come, O barren people,
come and sing the only true, unchanging song
composed with drops of sacred blood
and discover God’s call to belong
to the Singer and His song.
Yes, Christmas is a song of transposed faith
for tone-deaf souls who listen and realize
that the lyrics of this world, though enticing,
reflect a dirge of ruinous, accelerating lies;
but to humbly submit to the Singer’s direction
fills one’s senses with harmonious grace.
The majestic song that began in the eternal forever,
sung now in a mirror dimly…
one day will be face to face.
So come, all expectant pilgrims,
come and sing…sing…sing heaven’s glorious song.
The depth of His anthem will not be realized
until the entire world knows…
that every voice can belong
to the Singer and His song.

Music mystifies me. Often I am at the mercy of this mode of expression. By its very essence, it can enter and conquer my heart and give voice to what lies hidden and dormant, but longs to be released. Music is not extraneous to the nature of God. It is not merely a gift He gives and we execute and experience. Therein lies the mystery of this ethereal gift of supreme worth.
I do not remember when I first held Zephaniah 3:17 with unrivaled wonder. Why would God in Christ choose to love, save, delight, and sing over me—a woman stripped of worth by her own identification as a daughter of Eve?
The answer is declared in these mystifying verses. He is Emmanuel. He is Messiah. He is Christ Jesus who never hesitates to reveal His divine manifestations in word, in deed, and amazingly in song. Knowing that every word of Scripture is true, as I humbly and personally embraced this text, I let my self-declared unloveliness crumble in awe before the majesty of the Singer and His song.
May I love Him enough to be so captivated by His never-ending song of grace that I choose to make it the classical theme of my life, so that others may hear and also come
to Behold the Singer and His song.

Sandy has attended Bethany for 15 years. She has a deep fondness for children's literature and has even published 2 books, with a third now under construction. Recipes from America's Test Kitchen, with their emphasis on food science, have been tastefully approved and enjoyed in her kitchen. Her 2 granddaughters, ages 3 and 5, have showered her life with their innocent wonder of God's creation. If only they lived within arms' reach...


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