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Life After the World Race

Written by Chelsea Winn As I sit and write, I am very much aware of how fast time passes. Just a few weeks ago, I celebrated my one year anniversary of returning to American soil. There are moments when I cannot believe it has already been that long. Some days, it feels like just yesterday I was walking through a village in Bolivia, sharing the Gospel with a Hindu woman in Nepal, or loving on the sweet children whom I grew to love in Malawi. For those who may be unaware, I spent most of 2015 traveling as a missionary with an interdenominational program called The World Race. It is an 11-month journey through 11 countries. It is impossible to share everything in this brief post, but if you desire a taste of my year overseas I encourage you to read my personal blog . (Or if you are more of a “get the story in person” type, feel free to contact me. I’d love to share more!) Transitioning Back to the U.S. I remember having mixed emotions last year. My team flew back to the U.

The Seminarian's Wife

Written by Andrea Guingrich My husband (Traever), our kids, and I had the privilege of spending the past three years in San Diego while Traever went to Westminster Seminary California/the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies to obtain his Masters of Divinity. While most of us can rightly assume what MDiv students do in seminary, the question remains: what are their wives up to? The truth is it varies. Some wives work a job or two to stay financially afloat. Other wives somehow juggle both job and kids. And nearly all are handling the bulk of parenting little ones and the housework that entails. While we had various roles, we could all relate to this commonality: our husbands had an endless amount of work before them and so their time with us was limited. This fact would challenge us all in different ways, but for me the challenge was simply remembering my purpose. From the time our oldest was three, we have asked her this question from the Westminster Shorter Catechism: "

Reflections and New Beginnings

Written by Erin Blucker 2016. What comes to your mind as you think over the last year? Are you overwhelmed with joy and gratitude and peace? Are you filled with uncertainty and sorrow and grief? Or are you like me (and like most), somewhere in the middle, recalling a mixture of the “good” and the “hard”? As I think back on this year, my mind is drawn to the people and places that made up my days. It has been a year of growth, friendship, hard work and heart work, love, hurt, laughter, and loss. It has been a year filled with life – and life is not always as pretty as Instagram would have you believe. But it has been full and rich and meaningful. And God will use it all. Whatever happened over these last twelve months of your life, it is good to remember . To think back, to reflect, to intentionally look for the faithful hand of God in your life. Look for the joys and the blessings of God over this last year. How has He shown you grace? How has He