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Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry

Written by Maggie Halstead Jesus has laid out the perfect example of what it means to serve.  He was God, yet chose to humble himself for our sake.  As we study God's word, we see how Jesus poured his life out, both in his ministry and on the cross.  Paul challenges us to follow Jesus' example, to count others as more significant than ourselves (Philippians 2:3).  And what a joy it is when followers of Jesus choose to lay down their own interests for the furthering of God's kingdom. As women, there is immeasurable value in how we can serve both in the Church and to reach this lost and broken world we live in.  As we can see from testimonies of faithful women throughout scripture, God uses people in all circumstances; all He asks of us is a willing heart.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a humble servant of the Lord, allowing God to use her to bless all of humanity.  Her youthfulness was not of concern in following God's life-changing will for her.  Ruth was und

The Cup and the Feast

[photo] Written by Beth Fitch and Darby Gerlicher “…And then I do remember the cattle, lumbering toward that trough to eat together. It is this last image that I want to rest our attention upon this morning. Even for cattle, eating is often a community event. This past Christmas undoubtedly many of you ate many meals with friends and family.  Eating a meal by ourselves is tasty, nutritious; but there is an added dimension, isn’t there, when we eat meals together.  The meal is not merely about the food – it is about conversation, it is about fellowship, it is about deepening relationship, it is about processing opinions and thoughts, it is about sharing hopes, and it is about sharing heartaches. So much good can happen around a meal with friends and family.” Pastor Ritch Boerckel, Sermon Introduction, January 8, 2017 A Mother’s View For me the sermon stopped there, transporting me back to an emotional black hole that had engulfed me in August of 2011

My Excursion to the South Pacific

Written by Joyce Dremann An excursion in the South Pacific conjures up many images including sipping coconut milk while reclining in a lounge chair at the beach, bargaining for homemade jewelry, relaxing in a lush tropical paradise, dancing to the rhythm of the get the picture:  laid-back luxury while experiencing jaw-dropping beauty.  I would love to share the highlights of my adventure in the South Pacific. On my 18-day excursion to Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, I certainly experienced island life, but perhaps not typical! The first thing God allowed me to experience in a small way is what it's like to earn support. Generally, Bethany limits self-funding for missions trips to 10% of the cost and encourages raising support for the balance.  That means writing a letter, talking with people, explaining the trip, and being accountable to others.  For someone such as I, blessed enough to pay for the total cost of the trip, this is ha