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Ministry in Deutschland

By Maureen Cunningham
Guten tag!My name is Maureen Cunningham and I am currently serving with Cru in Berlin, Germany. Cru believes that university students are a strategic group of people to reach with the Gospel. Our ministry here wants to see students come to know Jesus personally and for them to multiply their lives. I would like to invite you to enter into this city I now call home and the ministry that God has called me to for this season of life.
Berlin is an interesting city. I saw a man putting rolled up sheets of tin foil over his face the other day.
Totally normal.
They love wearing black, and Berlin is huge. It has 3.6 million residents with a landmass 8 times the size of Paris. There are 4 public research universities and 27 professional and technical colleges. Among those 31 schools, there are over 175,000 students. There are people from everywhere; people from around 180 different countries reside in this city. When I hear that fact, I immediately think of Revelation 7:9, “…