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Lessons from Spain

¡Hola amigas! This last semester I had the opportunity to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain. Though living in a new culture and learning Spanish certainly brought challenges, I am super thankful for everything I experienced and learned. Before heading to Spain, and now after, it’s easy to idealize living in Europe. Despite what my Instagram feed may lead you to believe, I learned that life in Europe, in many ways, is still just normal life. While I do miss the bakeries on every corner and walks across the river to school, there were also normal challenges of daily life, like homework deadlines and loneliness and unknowns. Sometimes I loved it. Sometimes I just wanted to go home. Sometimes I experienced the full range of emotions in one afternoon. I found it easy to take for granted the history and architecture and culture and palm trees I was surrounded by and to complain about (mostly petty) inconveniences or annoyances. Through this, God convicted my heart and helped me to thin