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Our Faithful God


Draw Near While You Wait

By Lindsay Musselman
Beautiful, delicate snowflakes can be captivating to watch, as they first melt on the pavement and then slowly accumulate. We snuggle up with a warm beverage and enjoy the rare opportunity to be stuck at home. But by the time March comes around, we have seen enough snow, slipped on enough ice, and wiped our nose with plenty of tissues. We are ready for spring.
It can be easy to bemoan the winter weather and simply bide our time until it is warm enough to open the windows and enjoy outdoor activities. I have been challenged recently to not waste the days until whatever is better comes along, specifically as it relates to the lingering winter, for we are directed in Ephesians 5:16 to make the best use of the time.
In the cold, darkness, and sickness of winter months, motherhood is a greater struggle for me. I am tired of my children’s cabin fever as I struggle with it myself. I am tired of looking at the same walls and listening to the same noises from the singing toys…

There's a Place for You at the Table!

By Genae Andris
Table [tey-buhl] noun
1. an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slab-like top, supported by legs or other supports
2. a time for the women of the church to gather in small groups to laugh, chat, and learn a new name or two in order to create a stronger community among all types of women
As different as these two descriptors of the same word are, they show one great similarity: Both need support in order to stand firm. As women, we need to know we aren’t holding it all up on our own! The women at Bethany Baptist Church come from vastly varying backgrounds, walks of life, and experiences. With those different experiences come different needs. There are the single women who are looking for a friend—someone who is willing to listen and understand the struggles of trying to do it all on their own. A young mom is looking for a mentor—someone who has raised their children and has lived through the crazy season of life to tell the story—and maybe give some help as to how to…

Biblical Counseling Ministry

By Debbie Lalicker

It is a privilege to share my passion and love for Biblical counseling with you and the road which led me to it.Many times I had thought about becoming a secular counselor in the earlier years of my life.However, at a young age I made the choice to be a mom and put my counseling desires on the back burner.That was okay because I was doing the most rewarding thing I could think of.
Skip forward to having other careers in my past and my two boys grown, I found myself at Bethany in the fall of 2013 where I was encouraged to attend the Faith Biblical Counseling Conference in February of 2014.Bethany friends who had attended before shared how it had impacted their life.I’m not sure if my decision to attend was due to my curiosity, longing to grow deeper in my faith, desire to counsel others, or the Holy Spirit’s prompting me (most likely the latter), but I decided to sign up.It was an intense week of daily sessions leading into early evening.The speakers were inspiring and…

Growing Together Through Ladies' Bible Study

By Lisa Lueken
When we first attended Bethany 19 years ago, I signed up for the Ladies’ Bible Study.I remember it well, tucking my young children into the nursery and heading down to the basement of the old Bethany building. Back then, we all met in a single group and studied a book of the Bible together! Over the years, the Ladies’ Bible Study ministry has grown and changed. In recent years, there have been a plethora of studies to choose from – from a book study/discussion format to an inductive Bible study with lesson and lecture each week to devotional studies that lead us to worship as we meditate on God’s word.
This semester, the Ladies’ Bible Study committee is trying a new format that is more like the first study I attended at Bethany. They are offering a study of I and II Timothy that is designed to bring us all together – studying the same book at the same time. What is unique to this format is that each week we will have a different teacher! I am looking forward to how this s…