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There's a Place for You at the Table!

By Genae Andris Table [tey-buhl] noun 1. an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slab-like top, supported by legs or other supports 2. a time for the women of the church to gather in small groups to laugh, chat, and learn a new name or two in order to create a stronger community among all types of women As different as these two descriptors of the same word are, they show one great similarity: Both need support in order to stand firm. As women, we need to know we aren’t holding it all up on our own! The women at Bethany Baptist Church come from vastly varying backgrounds, walks of life, and experiences. With those different experiences come different needs. There are the single women who are looking for a friend—someone who is willing to listen and understand the struggles of trying to do it all on their own. A young mom is looking for a mentor—someone who has raised their children and has lived through the crazy season of life to tell the story—and ma