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Draw Near While You Wait

By Lindsay Musselman Beautiful, delicate snowflakes can be captivating to watch, as they first melt on the pavement and then slowly accumulate. We snuggle up with a warm beverage and enjoy the rare opportunity to be stuck at home. But by the time March comes around, we have seen enough snow, slipped on enough ice, and wiped our nose with plenty of tissues. We are ready for spring. It can be easy to bemoan the winter weather and simply bide our time until it is warm enough to open the windows and enjoy outdoor activities. I have been challenged recently to not waste the days until whatever is better comes along, specifically as it relates to the lingering winter, for we are directed in Ephesians 5:16 to make the best use of the time. In the cold, darkness, and sickness of winter months, motherhood is a greater struggle for me. I am tired of my children’s cabin fever as I struggle with it myself. I am tired of looking at the same walls and listening to the same noises