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Created to Create

By Kayla Phillips Several years ago, I was teaching an adult painting class and the disgruntled murmurs of the participants waged. “This is terrible,” breathed one. “I’m so not creative,” sighed another. While true, not all are the next Van Gogh, the ability to create and make is innately in us. Open your Bible to the very first page. “In the beginning God created,” it reads. We skim over the words, having seen them millions of times. But don’t miss this: the very first action and attribute God tells us about himself is that he is a creator and he created. In the beginning God the Father is speaking and ordaining, the Spirit is hovering (Genesis 1:1) and adorning (Job 26:13), and Jesus is making all things (John 1:3, Colossians 1:15-17). God—Father, Son, Spirit—is the creator of everything. The fact that the Triune God was present at creation is significant as Scripture is clear that God in his very nature and essence is a creator; it is woven through his personhood. The T