Created to Create

By Kayla Phillips

Several years ago, I was teaching an adult painting class and the disgruntled murmurs of the participants waged. “This is terrible,” breathed one. “I’m so not creative,” sighed another. While true, not all are the next Van Gogh, the ability to create and make is innately in us.

Open your Bible to the very first page. “In the beginning God created,” it reads. We skim over the words, having seen them millions of times. But don’t miss this: the very first action and attribute God tells us about himself is that he is a creator and he created. In the beginning God the Father is speaking and ordaining, the Spirit is hovering (Genesis 1:1) and adorning (Job 26:13), and Jesus is making all things (John 1:3, Colossians 1:15-17). God—Father, Son, Spirit—is the creator of everything.

The fact that the Triune God was present at creation is significant as Scripture is clear that God in his very nature and essence is a creator; it is woven through his personhood. The Triune God created the world and the Triune God at the culmination of his creating created us.

Genesis 1:26 begins, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our (the Trinity’s) image after our (the Trinity’s) likeness’ God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” We are different than anything he had made up to this point. Nothing else in all creation was made to bear his image, to be a reflection, a mirror of who God is. You and I, echo him in our ability to invent and make and beautify the world around us.

“What about me?” you might ask. “I cannot paint or draw or dance or string syllables together with careful cadence.” Don’t be tempted to think like the students in my painting class. Instead of associating creativity with the arts, remind yourself that you were born to bear God’s image. Creating and making is for all of us. It is not an exclusive club.

Did you solve a problem? You constructed a solution. Did you make a budget? You designed a plan. Did you bake a cake? You took ingredients not normally eaten on their own and crafted something so delightful that the most disciplined among us cannot refuse.

So find your niche, whether it’s forming solutions or plans or cake, and do it, remembering you were created to create and make. In this you bear God’s image, reflecting him, pointing to him, bringing him glory. This is worship. This is what you and I were destined to do.

Kayla has called Bethany home for the last eight years. Her wish is that many in the art world would come to know and love the infinite and most inventive creator, Jesus, and hopes you'll pray for that too. When she's not stuck behind a computer designing things, she loves spending time on Grandview Drive and rummaging for Tom Petty albums at thrift stores.


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